Menopause in the Workplace

Find out more about the impact the menopause has the lives of women and what employers can do to help.

This toolkit provides insight on how menopause impacts on women in the workplace.

It also provides information on:

  • reducing business costs
  • what employers can do to help
  • additional resources.

This toolkit has been produced by Business in the Community in collaboration with The Open University, University of Bristol and De Montfort University.


The UK workforce is ageing. People want and need to work for longer and employers need to draw more effectively on an older workforce. For women this is particularly true – they have been the major drivers of growth in the older workforce over the last decade. Many women now return to work after childbirth and the reform of the pension system has extended women’s working lives. There are now five million women over 50 in the workplace, and many will be transitioning through menopause.

All women will transition through menopause, and most women experience symptoms which impact on their quality of life in some way. But with the right support, those symptoms can be effectively managed, and women can continue successfully at work.

Employers are now understanding the importance of supporting employees during the menopause in order to retain valuable knowledge, skills and experience within a key workplace demographic. The experience of these leading employers has shown that often simple actions, such as education and awareness-raising, can make a real difference.

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The Menopause in the Workplace webinar

This webinar, presented by BITC and academics from The Open University of Bristol, discusses the impact of menopause in the workplace based on new academic research and the experience of BITC member organisations.

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