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2023 Rewind: Top Five Responsible Business Resources

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As we approach the end of 2023, we look back at the key campaigns and resources you may have missed.

Responsible business practices do not take a break, but this is the perfect time to reflect, recharge and re-think your agenda. It can be difficult to keep on top of constant shifts and changes, so we have collated our top five campaigns, under issue areas that will only become more relevant in 2024.

If your organisation wants to improve strategy in key issue areas and have a greater impact on society, Business in the Community (BITC) can help you make a positive impact on the people and places around you.

  • Upskilling for all: Only one in 10 lower-skilled workers have undertaken training or development in their current role, compared to five in 10 higher-skilled workers. Our recent Upskilling for all report, in collaboration with Phoenix Group, offers research and findings based on YouGov statistics, as well as innovative case studies from BITC members such as Thames Water and Boots. With nearly three quarters of firms reporting skills shortages1, upskilling is something that businesses should be focusing on in 2024.
      • Race at Work Charter: The numbers of employers participating in the Race at Work Charter 2023 has more than doubled, compared to previous years, showing that employers are making a real effort to turn the tide on systemic inequalities. The report covers seven key areas and offer best practice and case studies from responsible organisations. If you want to further your commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce in 2023, sign up to the Charter.
          • Opening Doors: According to CIPD, 57% of employers reported hard-to-fill vacancies at the start of 2023, making the need to tap into a more diverse, inclusive talent pool necessary, yet there are still barriers for those from disadvantaged groups during the recruitment process. BITC’s Opening Doors campaign calls on employers like you to help make two million jobs more inclusive by 2025. Find out more in our factsheet.
          • Seven Steps for Climate Action: The conversation about how businesses can take further steps on climate action is both vital and current, especially following COP28, which took place in early December. BITC sets our Seven Steps for Climate Action to support organisations wanting to lead on a just and fair transition to net zero.
          • Workwell Commitment: According to McKinsey’s research, getting the balance of employee wellbeing right can unlock remarkable value for businesses, from £4,000 to £12,000 per UK employee annually. BITC’s Workwell Commitment is a simple three-step framework that ensures employers are committed to supporting employee wellbeing.