Business in the Community’s Responsible Digital Business programme seeks to make the digital transformation ethical, sustainable and inclusive, whilst also encouraging and enabling new innovation to address the social and environmental challenges we face.
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The Lens with…Chris Conway, Translink and Seye Odukogbe, Routemasters and Cycle to Class


The Lens… with Anne Boden, Starling Bank and Celia Chapiro, Yunus and Youth


The Lens… with Claudio Gienal, Axa and Sandiso Sibisi, COOI Studios


Responsible Innovation Framework

Capitalise on, while mitigating the unintended consequences of innovation. Learn more about the six principles of responsible innovation.

The Lens…with Scott Sanders, Linc Cymru and Emily-Rose Jenkins, Transport Wales.

In this episode of The Lens, our host Oli Barrett MBE, is joined by Chief Executive of Linc Cymru, Scott Sanders and Emily-Rose Jenkins, Geotechnical Engineer, Transport Wales.