Yorkshire & Humber

Yorkshire and Humber has big challenges. We have skills shortages, low employment of excluded groups, low educational achievement, deprivation and environmental challenges - these issues affect businesses and communities alike.

Our priorities

In Yorkshire and Humber we focus on community and environmental issues. In the community our priorities are education, employability, and the economic renewal of the most deprived communities. In the environment we focus on improving the environmental performance and reducing the negative impacts of companies.

What we offer

We support businesses in the region by connecting you with the local community to help tackle social and environmental issues. We do this through employee volunteering, pro-bono support, supporting businesses to improve your environmental performance and take advantage of the opportunities of a low carbon economy.

Responsible Business Awards

Our awards recognise businesses in Yorkshire and Humber for their impact on society and the environment.

See who won last year and find out how to enter this year.

How to find us

There are three regional offices in Yorkshire and Humber based in Leeds, Hull and Sheffield.

Find out where we're based and how to contact us.


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