Click on a Behaviour to see a short description of it, or view a detailed description of each Behaviour by selecting it from the list on the right-hand side of the page.

How to use the map - guide for HR Managers.

The Map can be used as an effective tool to better understand the behaviours expected of CR practitioners, or to identify behaviours that can be embedded into existig management competency frameworks.

Step 1: Identify relevant Behaviours

The Behaviours Map above displays behaviours that practitioners identified as being pivotal to their success. Click on the Behaviours that interest you for a brief description of each.

Step 2: Browse detailed descriptions of each Behaviour

Using the links on the right-hand side of the page, browse detailed descriptions of the Behaviours and make a note of those that you think will enhance your existing competency frameworks.  These descriptions are intended to provide suggestions, rather than being prescriptive.

Step 3: Build up a full set of Behaviours

View details of as many Behaviours as you find interesting.   This will allow you to gather a full set of behaviours and associated behavioural statements that can be assessed against to enhance your existing competency frameworks  

Step 4: Identify resources to support management development

Browse the resources available via the Activities Map to help you identify those that could be used to as part of a training and development curriculum to support these Behaviours.

You can also obtain further guidance from our Competency Map Services, developed specifically to help you with these steps.