Work Inspiration

Work Inspiration is a national employer led campaign that targets young people to make their first experience of the world of work more meaningful and inspiring.

Every year, thousands of young people in the UK take part in boring work experience. But it doesn't need to be this way.

Work Inspiration is a campaign led by employers who want to transform work experience from making the tea into something that makes a real difference in young people’s lives. Our free toolkit makes it easy for any workplace to inspire young people about the world of work, and open their eyes to career opportunities in industries they may never have considered.

Young people describe the value of Work Inspiration.

Research has shown that the more young people come in to contact with employers whilst at school, the less likely they are to become unemployed later.

So join us by downloading the free toolkit below and create an inspiring placement in your workplace.

Work Inspiration

Download the Work Inspiration Toolkit

Key Contact

Katy Neep
Head of Campaigning – Education


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