Would you be ready for extreme weather?

Severe and inclement weather can hit at any time and businesses of all sizes can suffer their consequences for example, almost 5,000 business were affected in the 2015-2016 floods1; two-thirds of businesses (65%) in Cumbria suffered a negative impact from the 2015 storms and floods2 

Impacts of extreme weather on small businesses can be particularly devastating. In the worse-case scenarios, adverse weather can mean reduced access to the essential products and services that businesses need to run. If unprepared this could ultimately lead to small businesses becoming insolvent or closing altogether. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses have a robust plan in place to be prepared for storms, floods or other weather events and response and recovery plans should the worst occur.
Business in the Community (BITC) is challenging small businesses from every sector to take its free five-minute Readiness Test to help them gauge how vulnerable their business is across a range of disruptions. At the end of the test, businesses will receive downloadable advice with quick and easy tips to adopt, helping them to ensure that they’re prepared for a range of disruptions.

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