Making sustainability simple

Start was an initiative inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales to promote and celebrate sustainable lifestyles.

About Start

We work with business to inform and inspire the UK public so sustainable living becomes easy, relevant and appealing.

IBM Start Summit

The IBM Summit at Start brought together key thought leaders in business, government and academics to identify the challenges ahead, consider how to overcome them and explore opportunities to lead business towards a sustainable future.

With 7 billion (and counting) of us, the planet is already struggling to support our way of life and provide all the things we use. Changes are needed, both big and small, from the simple things we do in our daily lives, to the more significant shifts in the way we do things as a society.

Far too few talk about the potential for a sustainable future to be better and more rewarding – both for us and for Nature – than the lives we lead now. This potential needs to be communicated across the country and, indeed, across the world.

- HRH The Prince of Wales at the launch of Start in 2010
Communication channels are saturated with negative language about climate change and sustainable living: 'stop', 'cut', 'reduce', 'don’t'.

Start’s mission therefore was to inspire, encourage and inform the UK public so that sustainable living is relevant, appealing and has a positive impact on everyone. Start did this by:

  • Creating engaging campaigns, activities and events

  • Connecting with a network of community organisations, social enterprises and sustainable lifestyle pioneers

  • Collaborating with a wide range of corporate partners

  • Providing thought leadership on sustainable behaviour change

The Start Corporate Partners

A group of leading UK businesses funded the initiative for 3 years and actively engaged with the strategy of start and developed programmes and events to help their own customers and employees adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Key Contact

Joey Tabone
Small Business Engagement Director,
Business in the Community



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