Responsible Business Live 2023 - Business in the Community

Responsible Business Live 2023

Responsible Business Live is an industry flagship event. It brings together thought leaders, experts, and practitioners to explore the latest trends and innovations in responsible and sustainable business practices. Dedicated to sharing insights, networking, and meaningful discussions this year’s event promises to be informative and powerful.

Where and when

Monday 11 December 2023 14:00-20:00


Storeys Gate, London,
Greater London, SW1H 9NH

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    Our speakers will provide valuable insights and strategies on how businesses can drive positive change for a better future. Expect a dynamic programme with keynote presentations, panel discussions and audience engagement.

    Following the event, there are three calls to action we are asking businesses to take for a fairer, greener world. 

    Act locally and join a BITC Place Board – to support long term change in the most disadvantaged places in the country. Find out about our Place work, our strategic objectives and how you can get involved here.

    Invest in the new Community Climate Fund – to support communities to deliver a just transition. To find out more contact Gudrun Cartwright, Climate Action Director.

    Sign up to ‘Opening Doors’ – to build fairer, more inclusive workplaces. Find out more.

    For those of you not yet members of BITC, join us now and help lead the network of responsible businesses in the UK. Find out more.

    About Business in the Community


    Our vision – A fairer and greener world driven by fairer and greener businesses.

    Our mission – We convene the network of purposeful leaders committed to changing business, transforming lives and helping the planet and communities thrive.

    Who we are – Business in the Community is the UK’s largest and most influential responsible business network dedicated to building a fairer and greener world together, supported by His Majesty The King for over 40 years. We inspire, engage and challenge purposeful leaders to take practical action to mobilise their collective strength as a force for good in society by:

    • Working fairer – to help everyone reach their full potential.
    • Working greener – to accelerate climate action.
    • Working together – to continually improve business and to deliver impact at pace and scale.

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