The CommunityMark is UK’s only national standard that publically recognises leadership and excellence in community investment.

See the difference the CommunityMark makes

Hear from CommunityMark businesses why it’s important to keep innovating in the community investment space and how CommunityMark supports that process.


Cartoon of a man with shopping bagsApply for the CommunityMark

Full outline of the applications and assessment process.  Get your company's achievements recognised. Read More >>

Cartoon of girl on the phoneBusiness benefits

Why achieving the Community Mark can do your business as much good as it does your community. Read more >>

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Cartoon of two women in hijabAbout the CommunityMark

How the UK's only national standard for community investment developed and how it works today.  Read more >>

Cartoon of a familyAchievers

Full list of all current holders of the CommunityMark, along with case studies and their locations.  Read more >>

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