The Fujitsu Digital Innovation Award: ENGIE

ENGIE is helping thousands of customers reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions

Winner of Business in the Community’s Fujitsu Digital Innovation Award 2019.

ENGIE: Helping thousands of customers reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions

  • 100 innovation ideas promoted
  • 2.5 million energy bills digitally analysed
  • 4 large-scale innovation pilots

As an energy and services business managing buildings for thousands of customers, ENGIE has identified huge opportunities for digitalisation to improve customer satisfaction. In fact, it has committed to invest €1.5 billion in digital technologies and established a digital factory (ENGIE Digital) as part of a global plan for growth.

 “In a world where the energy landscape is engaged in a process of revolutionary change, digital is central to the products and services we offer, a key driver of competitiveness, and a powerful lever for changing our operating methods,” says ENGIE Group CEO Isabelle Kocher. 

“Innovation is a cornerstone of ENGIE’s plan to lead the energy transition. It provides a stepping stone between digital innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups and ENGIE so that we can collaboratively co-create the solutions of tomorrow.”

Nicola Lovett, CEO, ENGIE UK & Ireland 

The company’s flagship digital products and services include online services for its domestic customers and providing building residents and real-estate managers with smart sensors so that they can control the energy performance of their properties more easily. More than 2.5 million energy bills have been analysed for 70,000 buildings. 

ENGIE’s Smart Buildings team is working with Plymouth University, using intelligent energy-management software to tackle energy wastage, putting the university on course to hit its carbon-neutral target by 2030. This frees up engineers to focus on other aspects of their job, rather than just problem solving.

The company’s work with King’s College London saw the launch of the ENGIE Air UK app, a free service giving air-quality forecasts The business, which employs 14,000 people in the UK, also has a dedicated innovation team focused on finding new ways to work and supports strategic growth priorities. In 2018, it promoted more than 100 innovation ideas and set up four large-scale innovation pilots. 

Information in this impact story has been supplied by ENGIE.

What the judges said…

 “It was a breath of fresh air to see a large corporation, like ENGIE, with purposeful digital innovation so ingrained within their culture and with a clear and powerful commitment from their senior leadership.”

Ketan Parekh, Head of Financial & Insurance Services: UKI, Fujitsu

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