Your Job Can Be Good For You: RHA Wales

RHA Wales has used the five enablers from BITC’s Workwell Model to significantly improve colleagues’ wellbeing levels.
Enabling all employees to agree ways of working that support wellbeing,
benefitting both individuals and businesses

What RHA Wales did

RHA Wales is a housing association that places the wellbeing of its colleagues front and centre of what it does. It treats all of its employees equally to ensure the maximum flexibility and balance in their work and home life. As such, RHA Wales has moved to a new flexible working offer which includes nine-day fortnights and no core hours of work. It also introduced a number of other improvements to enhance wellbeing, such as AXA healthcare.

The benefit for RHA Wales’ business

Via quarterly surveys, RHA Wales has seen levels of staff engagement in excess of 90% for the past 18 months. Performance has been at a consistently high level, and staff turnover and sickness levels have been very low.

The benefit for RHA Wales colleagues

Colleagues at RHA Wales feel they have significantly improved their wellbeing levels because of the new working arrangements. They feel engaged, valued, and able to keep delivering services and projects in the community during a challenging period.

“RHA Wales wants its people to be the best version of themselves when they come to work.”

How RHA Wales used Business in the Community’s Workwell Model

Business in the Community’s (BITC) Workwell Model brings together five enablers that support ways of working which drive long term wellbeing. It also has four organisational values to operationalise ‘better’ work, underpinned by sustainability.

RHA Wales has used the five enablers to produce quarterly employee surveys and feedback analysed by the senior team. They also have a ‘My Plan’ structure that focuses on a tailored approach for each colleague. Additionally, the new RHA hub is a space where colleagues can meet, socialise, and come together to be creative adding variety to where they work.

Its values are a key part of shaping the culture and work at RHA Wales. It wants to respect all of its colleagues by treating them equally and fairly regardless of their role. It was open and honest in its discussions in order to come up with a creative solution to creating a better work-life balance.

“Colleagues at RHA Wales feel they have significantly improved their wellbeing levels because of the new working arrangements.”

Your job can be good for you

The Your Job Can be Good for You report sets how businesses can revolutionise the way employees work while supporting broader responsible business goals. The report includes recommendations that businesses should take to begin their post-pandemic re-set of their employee wellbeing agenda.  

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