Dan Gamson - Business in the Community
Dan Gamson smiles broadly.

Dan Gamson

Group Sustainability Manager,
Wesleyan Assurance Society

West Midlands Leadership Board

Having always had a passion for sustainability, Dan Gamson has been working within the sector his entire career following graduating from the University of Birmingham with an Environmental Sciences degree in 2010. During this 12-year period he has worked in the construction, rail, sports and events industries. He has recently joined Wesleyan Assurance Society as their new Group Sustainability Manager to drive forward their environmental strategy.

Having experienced sustainability implementation across varying industries, Dan has seen first hand the complex nature of working in a more sustainable manner and the short and long term impacts it can have.

Dan has predominately been based in Birmingham throughout his career and has previously worked with Business in the Community during this time. The timing seemed fitting for Dan to join the West Midlands Leadership Board. He is looking forward to working collaboratively with like-minded people and organisations to create a more prosperous and sustainable West Midlands as it looks to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.