Adam Bradley - Business in the Community
Adam Bradley wearing a striped shirt and tie in a selfie

Adam Bradley

Growth Director – Bristol,

South West Leadership Board

Adam is a Chartered Land Surveyor with over 20 years of experience and works for Jacobs in Bristol as its City Growth Director.

He has had a varied career working in numerous industries and market sectors. These include: leading project and frameworks within the construction, nuclear, mine and minerals industries and local authorities sectors. Adam led Jacobs’ Geomatics business where he focused on business development, including building a presence in the Middle East and integrating innovative solutions to add value to projects and clients. Prior to his City Growth Director role, Adam was Head of Operations for Jacobs’ utilities business in Europe. 

Adam is passionate about the company’s core values and believes people are the heart of any business. He was born in the West Country and has lived in the region for the majority of his life. Having worked in and around Bristol with a number of stakeholders, he has the local knowledge to help support the goals of Business in the Community and contribute to make a positive change for the good.

Adam says “It’s not just about the natural beauty of rugged coastline, rolling hills and Somerset levels, but how the area can continue to thrive through supporting south west regional development.”

Adam is married to Beverly, loves to walk their dog MacKenzie, relax through fishing at rivers, lakes and reservoirs across Europe and swims at least three times a week. Travel is also a passion and this is where he spends all of his money, apparently not on fishing equipment, or so he tells Beverly.