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adi Group: enhancing learning in schools

This case study for BITC members only shares the story of the adi Group and North Bromsgrove High School partnership


adi Group, a total engineering and construction service for the Aerospace, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, and Pharmaceutical industries, developed a partnership with North Bromsgrove High School through Business in the Community’s Business Class programme in 2016. In 2018, Ofsted judged the school as ‘Inadequate’; student attendance was below the national average and the school was struggling to fill places. The leadership of the school was tasked by Ofsted to improve their performance.  adi Group worked with teachers and students and continued to invest time and resources to help them improve. In 2019, the school was able to move the Ofsted judgement up to ‘Requires Improvement’ after implementing a range of improvements.

Pathways to ensure students reach their potential

One of the ways adi Group has been able to support the school is to contribute to the range of pathways the schools provide to pupils to ensure all students can thrive and reach their potential.  All 13-year-old students have the opportunity to apply for the adi Group Pre-apprenticeship route. Students who are less academic tend to be attracted to the route due to the emphasis on developing practical engineering skills and the work-related learning experience provided.  The adi Group Pre-apprenticeship scheme is included alongside other post-16 destination pathways offered by the school.   

Pre- apprenticeship scheme

The adi Group pre-apprenticeship scheme was created in collaboration with North Bromsgrove High School. Over two years, students study and develop practical skills in both electrical and mechanical engineering at Level 1 (Foundation Course). 

The students make weekly three-hour visits to adi Group for practical learning and mentoring sessions with adi Group employees. The students build a portfolio of evidence for their qualification. Between visits to adi Group, the students also spend two or three hours per week at school practising new skills with their teacher and peer group.

Students can:

  • Make components using hand tools
  • Learn how to use and communicate technical information
  • Experience cutting, bending, forming, drilling, and welding of various metals
  • Assemble electrical circuits and wiring control panels

Download the case study to learn more about adi Group mentors and how the COVID-19 pandemic was dealt with.

Business in the Community’s work on employment and skills

Business in the Community (BITC) supports organisations to create meaningful employment. This is one of the most significant ways that business contributes to individuals’ and communities’ livelihoods and is for many the only sustainable route out of poverty.

Offering quality work experience, adopting new recruitment approaches, and breaking down barriers to entering work for people from disadvantaged groups can benefit business by tackling skills shortages, building new talent pipelines, boosting retention rates, and achieving higher productivity.

Next step

Business in the Community’s (BITC) Community Advisers support businesses to create a skilled and inclusive workforce by embedding essential skills and building successful education partnerships through our Business Class framework. Our advisers can also work with you to design and develop sustainable and impactful initiatives to build stronger relationships within your communities.

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