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Cross-organisational Mentoring Circles

A cross-organisational mentoring programme for ethnically diverse employees

At Business in the Community (BITC), we believe that employers should ensure Black, Asian, Mixed Race and other ethnically diverse employees have opportunities to progress. This is Commitment Five of our Race at Work Charter.

If you are considering running a mentoring scheme, our cross-organisational mentoring circles are here to support the skills and ambitions of your ethnically diverse employees, helping them to unlock their full potential.

Since the programme launched over ten years ago, it has provided vital personal development opportunities, helped professional networking, and supported shared learning with peers and leaders from other participating organisations.

87 unique participating businesses and other organisations representing a range of sectors, locations and sizes.
300+ mentors have each gained valuable skills, experience and insights.
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What does the data say about mentoring?

Although racial equality in the workplace is slowly improving, only 10% of ethnically diverse employees feel that there are opportunities to progress where they work1.

Our Race at Work Charter Survey Report 2023 found that 72% of organisations surveyed mentor or reverse mentor their ethnically diverse employees, as they believe it is key for progression.

Running a mentoring scheme is a great way to build awareness of the challenges faced by ethnically diverse employees and foster a culture where all experiences, skills and ideas are valued. A successful programme can boost employee engagement, retention and overall experience.

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Key dates for the 2024 cohort

8 April – 30 June 2024: Registration of interest (Deadline: 30 June 2024)

16 May 2024: Introduction to the programme webinar

May – August 2024: Recruitment and enrolment of participants

September – October 2024: Mentor training, mentee briefing and launch event

October 2024 – April 2025: Six months mentoring circles running

What our mentors/mentees are saying

I got promoted, and I can say that mentoring circle has helped me understand how career progression decision-making works “behind the scenes”. I’m very grateful for the openness and honesty of my mentoring group.


One of the most powerful and empowering aspects of support you can give your employees is the opportunity to speak in safe spaces with like-minded people. The cross-business, cross-life experiences that people are able to share can only be done through an initiative like this at BITC.


It has been fantastic meeting new people in this mentoring circle from other organisations with similar experiences and building great networks. We have worked together encouraging each other and finding solutions helping each other.


Register your interest by completing the below form

Registration opens in April. You can fill in a form giving us your contact information and some key details about your organisation. A member of the programme team will give you further information and discuss next steps.

BITC members can contact their Relationship Manager for more details. If you are not a BITC member, you can contact our Advisory team at

Registration for the next group opens in April. After registration, the programme team will contact you to discuss next steps and give you more information. To find out more, contact us at