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BITC response to latest ONS employment figures

Responding to the latest ONS estimates of the number of people employed, unemployed and economically inactive in the UK, Nicola IngeSocial Impact Director at Business in the Community, said:

“While there was a slight decrease in the number of jobs available, there are still over one million roles unfilled across the UK. Employers must ensure that they are being inclusive in their recruitment processes and are not unconsciously shutting out talent based on how they recruit for vacancies.

“Updating recruitment processes and practices will allow employers to tap into wider talent pools which could address the current labour market shortages impacting all parts of the UK. For example, simple changes like recruiting based on essential skills rather than solely focusing on education will increase the number of people that could be considered for a position.” 


Notes to editor

  1. ONS: Vacancies and jobs in the UK: March 2023
  2. Find out more about BITC’s Inclusive Recruitment: Opening Doors campaign.

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