Business in the Community Annual Report 2018

Business in the Community Annual Report 2018

Business in the Community (BITC) exists to build healthy communities with successful businesses at their heart. Read about how we have been doing in our Annual Report.

We are The Prince’s Responsible Business Network: a business-led membership organisation for organisations that want to publicly demonstrate their commitment to acting responsibly and invest in building a better society. Many of the FTSE 100 are active members and we reach hundreds more employers through our campaigns.

Using our expertise and network of business leaders, BITC helps employers to channel their leadership, innovation and scale. This enables them to address social, economic and environmental challenges in specific locations across the UK by working alongside public sector and voluntary organisations within their communities.

We help businesses to promote leadership and engagement on all levels; to develop skills and expertise required to identify places being left behind; and to listen to these communities’ needs, co-create innovative solutions and invest time and effort to deliver change through direct action. By sharing approaches that have the most impact, we make best practice and learning accessible across the UK through our network of connected businesses.


In joining Business in the Community (BITC), you join a network of progressive businesses who look beyond the profit motive, who want to make a difference within society and who are prepared to collaborate to bring about change.