Delivering Smart Growth: a business strategy for a sustainable economy

A resilient environment underpins economic stability. Smart Growth embraces this concept and identifies resources, markets and connectivity necessary for growth while delivering financial, environmental and social returns. Delivering Smart Growth: A Business Strategy For A Sustainable Economy sets out a framework and the business benefits that can be delivered through investing in our landscapes, people, business and society.

The Smart Growth framework will support businesses to respond to policy changes at a local, national and international level. The Paris Agreement and Global Goals have set the legislative and global agenda for action internationally. In 2018 the UK Government set out a twenty five year plan for city region devolution that enables greater local autonomy for environmental issues. Each of these policies has created space for private sector engagement and collaboration. This research sets out how businesses can optimise these opportunities.

Business in the Community (BITC) encourages businesses to use this report to identify new opportunities and gain insights from actions already taken by a variety of businesses. Our mission for Smart Growth is to find new ways to create commercial, economic and social value by tackling some of our most pressing environmental challenges.

Business in the Community is innovating to sustain and repair our planet.