Race at Work 2015-2017 Survey Insights - Business in the Community

Race at Work 2015-2017 Survey Insights

BAME Women at Work

This report explores the findings from the Race at Work 2015-2017 Survey through the lens of BAME Women at work.

Background to the survey

Business in the Community’s (BITC) Race Equality campaign conducted a survey in collaboration with YouGov to find out, amongst other concerns, how BAME women and white women felt about work. 24,457 UK workers took part in the survey that took place between 28 July and 14 September 2015. The survey sought to find out what helps women most when trying to find employment, how women applied for their current role and how they would search for the next job.

Key findings

  • The research identified a significant difference between employment rates for white women (76 per cent) and BAME women (55.8%)
  • Bangladeshi and Pakistani women employment rates were 30 per cent and 39.2% per cent respectively.
  • BAME women were more likely to use recruitment agencies when searching for their next job.

Guidance for employers on reducing the employment gap

The following information is a selection of guidance tips taken from the report.

  • Use workforce data to benchmark levels of BAME women with the workplace
  • Set targets to reflect the gender and race diversity of your talent pool
  • Where ever possible, include both male and female BAME interviewers on your selection panels.
  • Ensure gender pay gap monitoring includes scrutiny of pay by gender and race as highlighted in the McGregor-Smith Review