How to Weave a Secure Web cyber security for small businesses

How to Weave a Secure Web

A Guide for Business Owners and IT Managers

A breach in cyber security can be devastating for a small business. This Business in the Community (BITC) toolkit outlines how small businesses can ensure their web presence is secure. Anywhere your business is represented online is your web presence. This could be on websites, social media or blogs. It is important to manage your web presence so sensitive information does not fall into the hands of a criminals, causing harm to you or your business.

The toolkit advises your small business to maintain cyber security by:

  • limiting what you post on your website or social media. Avoid sharing sensitive information that could be used against you in a cyber-attack.
  • monitoring your web presence for unusual activities on your accounts and posts from other accounts that could result in harm.
  • using only long and complex passwords and a different password for each of your accounts.
  • Ensure third-party providers have the relevant security protocols to keep your data safe.
  • staying informed by reading online forums discussing the latest risks. Websites such as the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Get Safe Online also have useful information.

Cyber security for small businesses

Cyber attacks may not be at the top of your small businesses’ priority list; however, cyber-related incidents are more common than you think. The impacts of cyber security breaches on small businesses can be particularly devastating. A breach could mean loss of reputation or contract, a GDPR fine or ultimately lead to small businesses becoming insolvent and closing. Therefore, it is vital that businesses have robust cyber security measures in place to avoid a cyber breach, as well as response and recovery plans should the worst occur.

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