Race at Work Charter: Executive Sponsor for Race: How to Set Ethnicity Targets

This Executive Sponsor for Race: How to Set Ethnicity Targets toolkit helps organisations set targets for representation by ethnicity.

A key part of the role of executive sponsor for race is to set ethnicity targets. Without these targets, it is easy for an organisation to lack focus in their desire for change. The need for measurement of progress against the five commitments of the Race at Work Charter, is clear from the Race at Work 2018: The Scorecard Report results. The five actions that signatories commit to are: appoint an executive sponsor for race, capture and publish ethnicity data, board level zero tolerance on harassment and bullying, engage managers to promote equality and attract, recruit and progress ethnic minority employees in the workplace.

Executive Sponsors for race told us that leaders tasked with this role within organisations would benefit from support to set ethnicity targets which are critical to making measurable steps towards equality.

Why set targets?

Organisations set targets and metrics to measure progress in key areas of the business and to drive change. Setting targets for ethnic minority representation should be no different.

Targets are a clear representation of what needs to be achieved and by when, so that leaders in the organisation can easily understand and engage. Targets supported by regular reporting of progress against them enables prompt remedial action if progress is not at required level.

Targets set for an organisation

Organisations must set targets for representation by ethnicity for the different levels in the organisation. This is because typically the ethnic diversity represented at junior levels is not reflected at the senior levels.

Three areas can deliver the greatest impact in delivering target achievement:

  • Recruitment
  • Progression
  • Retention

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