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Responsible AI Series: What Does AI Mean to the HR Function?

Jun 13
Date and time
Thu, 13 June  @  14:00  -  16:00
Free of charge
Schroders Investment Management Limited, 1 London Wall Place, London Wall, Barbican, London EC2Y 5AU
Open to all BITC members, HR/people/talent management practitioners/managers
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Thu, 13 June  @  14:00  –  16:00

Join us to learn how to unlock the power of responsible AI in HR.

This is an in person event.


The Responsible Artificial Intelligence(AI) series is only open to members of Business in the Community (BITC). This event has been designed for HR/People/Talent management practitioners/managers and anybody working with AI.


HR professionals, managers, and executives, play a crucial role in shaping the future of organisations. In our upcoming session titled “Responsible AI Series: What Does AI Mean to the HR Function?,” we will delve into the transformative role of AI within human resources (HR) and its implications for workplace dynamics, equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, and overall employee wellbeing, topics that are directly relevant to your roles and responsibilities.

About the event

Exploring AI in HR: We will start by examining the evolving landscape of AI applications within the HR function, from recruitment and talent management to performance evaluation and employee engagement. We will uncover the potential benefits and challenges associated with integrating AI into HR processes.

Promoting equality and equity: AI has the potential to revolutionize the HR landscape by minimising biases in decision-making processes. However, it’s essential to ensure that AI algorithms are developed and deployed responsibly to promote equality and equity in the workplace. We will discuss how we work to mitigate bias in AI algorithms which fosters a more inclusive hiring and promotion process.

Fostering diversity and inclusion: Diversity and inclusion are critical components of a thriving workplace culture. We will explore how AI can be leveraged to promote diversity and inclusion initiatives within HR. By harnessing the power of AI, HR professionals can create more inclusive environments where every employee feels valued and supported.

Enhancing workplace wellbeing: Employee well-being is a cornerstone of organisational success. AI technologies can play a significant role in supporting employee wellbeing initiatives. We will discuss how HR can leverage AI to prioritise employee wellbeing and create healthier, supportive work environments.

Key takeaways: By the end of the session, you will not only gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between AI, the HR function, equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, and workplace wellbeing, but also leave with practical insights and actionable strategies for leveraging AI responsibly to drive positive outcomes for both employees and organisations. This knowledge will equip you to navigate the evolving HR landscape and make informed decisions that benefit your workforce and your organisation.

Join us for an engaging discussion as we explore the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of HR and fostering more equitable, inclusive, and wellbeing-focused workplaces. Together, let’s unlock the power of responsible AI in HR! We look forward to your active participation and insightful contributions.

Guest speakers 

  • Mike​​​​ Daley, SCS Global Director of Technology, PageGroup.

About the Responsible AI series

AI is poised to transform work, with implications for people, places, and the planet. Every business will engage with AI, affecting employee support, customer interactions, and value chains. Responsible AI practices can enhance business performance and address societal challenges. Poor practices may perpetuate biases and worsen environmental impacts.

BITC is embarking on a series of dymanic Responsible Business AI events, spotlighting the critical challenges and barriers that AI poses if businesses fail to embrace responsible integration, where leaders and practitioners have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and gather insights from our issue area experts and trailblazing businesses within our network.


Tea and coffee will be provided.

Booking and contact details and further information

  • Contact Jessica Hart, Events Coordinator at BITC for any further questions.
  • Full joining instructions will be sent before the event.

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Thu, 13 June
14:00 – 16:00
Free of charge
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Open to all BITC members and HR/people/talent management practitioners/managers