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Driving Sustainability Through Procurement

Explore the steps to take to build sustainable purchasing practices.

This report, Driving Sustainability Through Procurement, is a guide for procurement and supply chain professionals. The report explores the steps businesses can take to build sustainable purchasing practices.

Global supply chains

Global supply chains are vast, dynamic and interdependent, and create a complex environment. This environment has the potential to do harm to people, the planet and the economy. As shown by the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptive events are no longer confined to specific geographies but have widespread consequences. These consequences can be felt across the globe. Businesses are operating in an increasingly volatile environment. Now is the time for corporates to renew their focus on supply chain sustainability.

About the research

Now is the time to renew your focus on driving sustainability through procurement
5 interlocking cogs depicting the 5 steps of sustainable procurement

Authored by Business in the Community (BITC) and Deloitte, and including a foreword from CIPS, this report, Sustainability through Procurement examines the steps business can take to build sustainable purchasing practices through a five-step iterative journey.

  1. Set your ambition
  2. Assess your sustainability performance and risk
  3. Develop and implement your strategy
  4. Collaborate with others
  5. Evaluate and communicate your progress with others.

Join BITC to make lasting change

If we are to tackle the growing challenges facing society and the planet, we need bolder leadership from responsible businesses. The business community must seize the opportunity, inspired by the innovation and action that business has taken at pace and scale during the pandemic. Build a better, fairer economy and society and restore the planet.

We are designing an ambitious campaign to radically change the expectations and impact of responsible business. This is our response to the global call to build back better – and can be yours too.

BITC’s Environment agenda

By 2030 the UK needs to have delivered on its commitment to limit global warming to 1.5°C, something many consider only possible by achieving a net-zero carbon economy. It will be companies that see tackling climate change as part of future-proofing their business that prosper in this changing world.

Find out more about BITC’s Environment agenda.

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