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Time to Act: addressing inequalities in education

This Business in the Community (BITC) report outlines our four calls to action to help improve the skills, wellbeing and employment opportunities of disadvantaged young people in education.

This Business in the Community (BITC) report is calling on employers to act now and respond to our four calls to action to help tackle the challenges exacerbated by the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis and to improve the skills, wellbeing, and employment opportunities for disadvantaged young people in education.

The Time to Act is Now

The role of businesses in addressing inequalities in education has never been more important. BITC is calling upon its network of members and partners to recognise that when it comes to business engagement in education, it’s time to act.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused, and continues to cause, seismic changes throughout every aspect of society, from economic, to social, to personal. The sphere of education is no exception.

Following an in-depth consultation across business and education, BITC has identified four critical areas of focus for businesses that want to engage in education to drive meaningful and sustainable change. Emerging from detailed research and stakeholder engagement, these four pillars of leading practice were chosen as key priorities on which BITC can engage and challenge our members and utilise the unique power to connect our members to lead and influence in the communities they serve.

The four calls to action

  • Create needs-led, place-based education engagement partnerships
  • Develop essential transferable and digital skills using recognised frameworks
  • Address student and staff wellbeing
  • Reach those most disadvantaged through active inclusion strategies

The Time to Act is Now report examines these four calls to action in depth and explains how BITC can help your business put creating healthy communities at the centre of its strategy to achieve long-term value.  

Cost-Of-Living Crisis

In October 2022, Business in the Community (BITC) launched its Cost-of-Living campaign, with an Action Plan that sets out 12 calls to action for business to support employees, customers, suppliers and communities during the cost-of-living crisis.

For further information on the 12 calls to action download the Cost-Of-Living-Action Plan.