The 2010's - Business in the Community

The 2010’s

At the close of the 2000s, nearly 30 years since BITC emerged, we remained the leading charity focused on promoting business as a force for good.

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The 2010s decade began with a return to civil unrest in London and other major cities.

Whilst responsible business had professionalised and matured, community cohesion and trust in the establishment waned with many examples throughout the decade of public trust in establishment bodies and figures under pressure.

Major national and global events such as Brexit and Covid divided neighbours and communities and played their part in creating division and conflict.

For a charity like Business in the Community trust in business is key to successfully promote business as a force for good.

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The 2010’s

Throughout the decade simplicity and focus was a common theme for our three chairmen, Mark Price, Antony Jenkins and Jeremy Darroch.

BITC was viewed as complex and doing too much. The McKinsey review of 2015 starkly pointed this out – too many brands, too many initiatives, too many conflicting asks upon members. The rich mix was no longer working and some clarity was required.

The decade also saw the rise of Purpose as a guiding principle for business beyond profit alone and we placed purpose and values at the heart of a healthy business in our new RB Map and Tracker. being a new measurement tool defining a responsible business as a healthy business.

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