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Anna Russell

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Director for Bupa Global, and UK and Bupa UK Foundation’s Director

Employment and Skills Leadership Team

Before joining Bupa in 2014, Anna worked in telecoms, first with O2 and then at Vodafone for ten years, holding roles as Global Head of Internal Communications and Global Head of Brand. Before that Anna co-founded the IT news and recruitment service where she was Content and Marketing Director.

Anna joined the Business in the Community (BITC) Education Leadership Team in January 2020 and moved to the Employment and Skills Leadership Team in December 2020. She is leading Bupa UK Foundation’s new programme to support educator wellbeing and resilience. She also has been a Performance Energy coach at Bupa for the past five years.

The Bupa UK Foundation supports younger people’s wellbeing through its partnership with Mind, the mental health charity. Fully funded by the Bupa UK Foundation with a grant over three years, the Mind Children and Young People Resources are designed for young people and provide guidance on how to improve their mental health and access the support they need.

Anna lives in London and has two school-age daughters.

About Business in the Community’s Employment and Skills Leadership Team

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The purpose of Business in the Community’s Employment and Skills Leadership Team is to help create a UK where everyone, regardless of their background or experience, can access the education, employment, and skills they need to thrive throughout their working lives.

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