Employment and Skills Leadership Team

The Employment & Skills Leadership Team's vision is an inclusive labour market where everyone, regardless of their background or experience, has access to good quality employment.

The Employment & Skills Leadership Team drives the over-arching strategy for the employment and skills issue across BITC, and has to date lead a priority work stream focused on young people.  

Business in the Community’s report A Brave New World highlights that the workplace is changing rapidly as well as the skills people will need in the emerging digital era. As a result the Leadership Team is currently looking at how business leaders plan for a digital transformation which is responsible and inclusive. Through this work they aim to promote a simple and more effective conversation on skills which will
  1. Enable educators, business leaders, practitioners, line managers, employees and parents  to talk about skills more frequently, confidently and simply
  2. Overcome confusion around skills which is leading to lack of engagement and paralysis in adapting and learning to the changing nature of work
  3. Help employers recruit and train differently in a way that is more accessible for people to transfer across industries and roles in the future
Please contact Grace Mehanna, Campaign Director - Employment and Skills, if you are interested in joining the Employment & Skills Leadership Team.
John Holland-Kaye
Chief Executive Officer, Heathrow Airport Limited
nathan clements
HR Director for Boots UK & ROI, Walgreens Boots Alliance
Chairman, Capgemini
Chris Jones, City & Guilds
Group Chief Executive, City & Guilds Group
Fiona Jones
Work Services Director Wales, Employers and Partnerships, DWP
Tyrone Jones
Director CSR & Engagement, DWF LLP
A black and white photo of a woman looking at the camera
Head of Resourcing, Barclays
A woman smiles at the camera
UK HR Director, National Grid
Hayley Tatum
Senior Vice President - People, ASDA Stores Ltd
Rachel White
Managing Director, CH2M