Dr Chris Tomkins - Business in the Community

Dr Chris Tomkins

Independent Adviser

Wellbeing Leadership Team

Dr Chris Tomkins is passionate about making wellbeing that works to achieve the ultimate win/win for all: healthier people, energised companies and lower costs for the NHS.

Chris has been in health and wellbeing for over 30 years, delivering innovation across products and services, venture capital, marketing, scientific research and service delivery. In his most recent role, he built AXA Health’s health & wellbeing business, launched the first neurodiversity solution in private medical insurance and led AXA’s Global Mind Health Study across 16 countries to understand what good mind health looks like and how we can work towards it, as individuals and employers. He has spoken at events on how to make wellbeing effective and long been an advocate for evidence and data-based approached. 

Chris co-authored the Business in the Community’s (BITC) Workwell Self-Assessment Tool, which launched in October 2023, to help businesses understand the maturity of their wellbeing strategy and capability.