Race and Recruitment — Exposing the Barriers

This Business in the Community (BITC) report exposes four key statistics that demonstrate the challenge that black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) candidates face when applying for jobs directly to an employer or through a recruitment agency.

These are:

  • 29% of the BAME candidates who applied through a recruitment agency were offered a job, compared to 44% of white applicants
  • 57% of BAME applicants were invited to interviews through a recruitment agency, compared to 73% of white candidates
  • When applying to directly to an employer, outcomes were more equal, with 29% of both BAME and white applicants securing jobs
  • 91% of BAME applicants apply directly to employers, 88% of white applicants choose this route.

Our research identifies four areas for change mentioned by both white and BAME applicants – making progress here would make a difference for everyone.

These include:

  • feedback at each stage of the process to manage candidates’ expectations
  • feeling respected and included
  • having a single point of contact
  • availability of alternative assessment
  • methods.

This report also includes practical recommendations and useful facts and statistics.

Further reading

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