Leading with empathy, compassion and inclusion

This factsheet provides information to help responsible businesses amplify empathy, compassion and inclusion in the workplace.

In these extraordinary times, we have seen an acceleration of empathy and compassion as responsible business has stepped up to support employees.

As the separation between work and home has diminished further, it is enabling people to ‘bring their whole selves to work’. Through online connection, we are seeing into each other’s homes, meeting each other’s families, and hearing stories from those balancing caring for children at home with work during lockdown.

In the face of uncertainty, many people are experiencing anxiety and fear. However, this period has also been a catalyst for the underlying demand for empathy, compassion, and greater inclusion at work. Barriers have been broken down and our shared humanity has come to the fore.

About this factsheet

This Leading with empathy, compassion and inclusion factsheet provides:

  • definitions of empathy, compassion and inclusion
  • calls to action for leaders to lead with empathy and compassion
  • calls to action for leaders to enable line managers

About Business in the Community’s Wellbeing work

Business in the Community (BITC) defines “wellbeing” as the mutually supportive relationship between an individual’s mental, physical, social and financial health and their personal wellbeing.

Taking a whole organisation approach to embedding wellbeing into an organisational culture is key to achieving maximum impact. Wellbeing should be positioned as a strategic boardroom issue supporting thriving people, thriving business and thriving communities.

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