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Securing Senior Buy-in For Your Wellbeing Strategy

Taking the right approach to securing senior buy-in for your organisation’s wellbeing strategy is crucial. This toolkit provides an overview of the key things you need to know before starting out.


Mental health conditions are common and the cost to business is huge, but talking about mental health still has a stigma attached to it. It is vital that this is addressed. Studies suggest that ‘presenteeism’ from mental ill health alone costs the UK economy £15.1 billion each year, almost twice the cost of employees actually being absent from work. According to CIPD’s Employee Outlook survey, being under too much pressure at least once a month makes individuals feel depressed or anxious, and most say it reduces performance. Research has indicated that highly engaged organisations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87%.

Each organisation will have a unique set of reasons for implementing a mental wellbeing strategy and securing senior buy-in for their wellbeing strategy and the benefits will be different in each case too. When developing your case, make sure it is tailored to focus on
specific business needs, and that these play to your strengths as an organisation.

This toolkit includes:

  • a context to the mental health at work agenda
  • the moral case for action
  • the business case for action
  • knowing your stakeholders
  • the risk of doing nothing
  • steps on what to do next

Taking a whole organisation approach to embedding wellbeing into an organisational culture is key to achieving maximum impact. Find out more about BITC’S Wellbeing agenda.


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