The Mid-Life MOT: helping employees navigate mid-life

This toolkit provides HR and other senior managers with tools and insights to support a growing older workforce.

This toolkit provides HR and other senior managers with tools and insights to support a growing older workforce. It explains how mid-life MOTs can help employees reflect on their working futures. In particular, their personal, employment and wellbeing needs, when they might want to retire, and how to plan effectively for their financial futures. The Mid-Life MOT: Helping Employees Navigate Mid-Life toolkit has been produced in collaboration with the Department for Work and Pensions

If you are a small- or medium-sized business our Mid-Life MOT: Getting Started toolkit may be of interest.

What are mid-life MOTs?

A mid-life MOT is an important tool which can drive retention rates for older workers and promote a more age-inclusive workplace. It provides a framework for employees, typically in their 40s, 50s and 60s, to review work and its interaction with their personal lives. Conversations are based on three themes: job, health and money. As a result, employees can make realistic plans for their future and employers can identify ways to support them.

Today there are five generations in the UK workforce working side by side. There are 10.5 million people over 50 in work, equivalent to one-third of the workforce1. By the mid-2030s half, the adult population will be over 502. Retaining older workers in the workplace has never been more important. Employers need to respond to this challenge and leverage the demographic changes for business success. Retaining more older workers is the core reason to use a mid-life MOT in your business.

About The Mid-Life MOT: helping employees navigate mid-life toolkit

This toolkit will support you to retain more of your ageing workforce by offering staff a mid-life MOT. These allow people to reflect and take stock, manage transitions and plan holistically for the short, medium and longer-term, focusing on their job, health and finances. Through a series of managed conversations in group discussions, seminars, workshops, one-to-ones and online platforms, employees gain clarity and confidence about how to shape their future at work.

The guide covers the business case for the mid-life MOT. It focuses on the benefits of increased productivity and reduced costs and business risk. This will help you make the case for implementing a mid-life MOT to senior management and the c-suite. It sets out a framework for a mid-life MOT programme, presenting a range of options which you can draw on to tailor a programme to suit your business.

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