The Mid-Life MOT: Helping Employees Navigate Mid-Life

This toolkit provides practical support for senior and human resources managers to retain more of your ageing workforce through offering staff a mid-life MOT. This is an important tool that can drive retention rates for older workers and promote a more age-inclusive approach. It does this by providing a framework in which employees, typically in their 40s, 50s and 60s, can review work and its interaction with their personal lives across three themes: job, health and money. As a result, employees can make realistic plans for their future and employers can identify ways to support them. To help you implement a mid-life MOT in your business this toolkit offers a range of options, drawn from pilots and best practice from the most forward-thinking companies.

How to implement a mid-life MOT programme

  • Management buy-in: HR to communicate purpose and business case to senior management and C-suite.
  • HR development: Pilot and develop the mid-life MOT.
  • Negotiate with providers: Negotiate and develop the elements you will be delivering via external providers.
  • Training for line managers: Develop and deliver line manager training.
  • Communication: Communicate purpose and content to all staff, but targeting those you think will most value from taking part.
  • Delivery: Delivery of the planned programme fully supported by internal policies and procedures.

Employers who do not have HR support but would like to offer a support to employees can get advice from the Government’s mid-life MOT web page.

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