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January rewind: top five gender resources

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To celebrate The Times Top 50 Employers for Gender Equality 2024 launching, we are sharing our top five gender equality resources to help your business on its journey to gender equality in the workplace.

The Times Top 50 Employers for Gender Equality officially launched in January, with applications open until 16 February.

Whether your organisation has already applied or is still considering it, there is no doubt that the need for gender equality in the workplace is stronger than ever. Women continue to face an array of challenges in the workplace, from the gender pay gap to sexual harassment.

When looked at through an intersectional lens, the picture becomes even more disheartening; for example, the pay gap in the UK is estimated to be significantly higher for trans people and disabled women report greater levels of harassment.

Although progress is being made, we believe that employers need to be bolder, braver, and faster in their actions to address gender equality in the workplace or risk rolling back progress made so far.

Here are our top five gender-related resources, designed to fast-track your journey towards gender equality:

  • Gender Pay Gap reporting dashboard: Business in the Community (BITC) created the Gender Pay Gap reporting dashboard to encourage transparency around this issue. The dashboard includes up-to-date information about the overall national gender pay gap for 2023. You can also explore individual employers’ gender pay gap data, as well as trends for different sectors.
  • Case Study: Equal parental leave: Natwest Group: This time last year, Natwest Group, introduced new Partner Leave policies for colleagues globally. Partner Leave supports all eligible colleagues with enhanced pay and time away from work to help their partner look after their new child, whether the new child has arrived through birth, adoption or surrogacy.
  • Report: The class of 2023 insights: This report gathers insights, case studies and recommendations, based on findings from The Times Top 50 Employers for Gender Equality 2023 applications. Understand which areas showed improved performance and which require more attention, with categories ranging from psychological safety to flexible working.

This concludes our curated selection of five invaluable resources designed to fuel your organisation’s journey towards achieving workplace gender equality. But the work doesn’t stop here. Whether you dive into our reporting tools, utilise our guides, or consider applying for The Times Top 50 for Gender Equality 2024, remember, progress thrives on action. Take one step today, and let’s collectively build a future where equality echoes in every corner of the workplace.