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Cost of Living

An icon representing the Cost-of-Living crisis. Blue upward facing arrows surrounded by multicoloured cogsThe UK cost-of-living crisis is affecting people across the UK. Rising inflation, in particular for key commodities (such as energy, food and fuel), is pushing households into poverty and financial hardship, including those in employment. It is also stretching the community organisations that help these households to breaking point.

Further price rises on energy bills in the winter will make this situation even more challenging for those trying to make ends meet, with household bills expected to remain high until at least 2024.

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Are Your Ways Of Working Diverse, Equitable And Inclusive?

This factsheet highlights the inequalities relating to wellbeing at work and how Business in the Community (BITC) can help you achieve an inclusive culture of wellbeing where all employees are enabled to THRIVE.

Over half of UK adults are worried about how they are going to pay their bills over the next six months, new research finds