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Earth Day 2024: Our Top Five Environment Resources

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To mark Earth Day, here is a roundup of Business in the Community’s top five environment resources.

Earth Day, which falls on 22 April every year aims to raise awareness of environmental protection, and acts as a reminder that we should all be playing our part to protect the planet.  

At Business in the Community (BITC), the environment is a key focus area of ours as we believe this contributes to an overall responsible business strategy. The recent launch of our Community Climate Fund embodies this, by aiming to bring businesses and communities together to tackle both the climate and cost-of-living crisis at the same time.  

Top Five Environment Resources  

Whether your organisation has considered climate action, or not. We encourage you to do so. Our top five environment resources, are a great start in understanding what you can do to help protect the planet:  

  1. Report: Going Circular for Net Zero: in your hands
    This report outlines key enablers and levers crucial to achieving a circular economy for net zero.
  2. Report: Optimising Bioresources: reducing water pollution
    This report highlights a threat to valuable bioresources: biosolids extracted from wastewater and part of a circular regenerative economy.
  3. Routemaps: Climate Action Routemaps   
    These routemaps have been developed to support organisations to action three of the seven steps in Business in the Community’s (BITC) Seven Steps for Climate Action.
  4. Case Study: EDF Energy: Transitioning to Net Zero with People in Mind 
    The report shows how, alongside its net zero ambitions, EDF aims to be a great place to work and make a positive contribution to both society and the environment.
  5. Blog: Is Greenhushing a Greater Threat than Greenwashing?  Gudrun Cartwright, Climate Action Director at BITC, on why companies need to be confident on setting ambitious goals and not worry about the backlash.

Community Climate Fund 

Working in 25 places by 2030,  we aim to contribute £100m of value to community-led climate action that helps cut carbon, build resilience to economic and environmental shocks, and create opportunities for better lives.  

We are looking for partners to join our Community Climate Fund, who want to accelerate their own just transition journey to support the fund and work with us to build lasting prosperity, changing the lives of millions of people across the UK.  

Find out more about our Community Climate Fund and register your interest.