COST-OF-LIVING TASKFORCE - Business in the Community



Business in the Community’s (BITC) Cost-of-Living Taskforce brings together a group of the most influential and passionate senior executives, committed to deliver the vision that the UK business community demonstrates a world-leading response to the cost-of-living crisis. Additionally, supporting those most disadvantaged and vulnerable in society, and using the crisis as a catalyst to make the UK fairer and greener together.

This taskforce of diverse leaders will shape the outputs for the campaign and innovate together to drive action across business at pace and scale.


BITC is calling for organisations to demonstrate responsible business leadership by acting across four areas:

  • Employee Support: Reviewing and improving pay, support and working practices for staff and contractors, in particular low-income staff who are at greatest risk of financial hardship.
  • Customers Support: Ensuring products and services are responsive and tailored to the needs of customers experiencing financial hardship.
  • Community Action: Supporting local communities who are most at risk of financial hardship, through targeted initiatives.
  • Suppliers Action: Increasing the resilience of supply chains through timely payment and more efficient resource use.

To express an interest in joining the Cost-of-Living Taskforce, please contact Emma Gage, Head of Cost Of Living at Business in the Community.

Chaired by Raman Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, OVO